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Rocky is the knockout boxing movie classics 8-bit adaptation released in 1987 by Sega to Master System. What we have here is an online version of this game made for you to play it on your browser, without the need of installation and stuff,

You’re living the dream. Taking on all comers in your quest to be the best. The heavyweight champion of the world!

For all ages.


  • Button 1: Z (blocks)
  • Button 2: X (punches)
  • Use both buttons to punch in the training sessions and to make your fighter gets ups faster if the gets knocked down.
  • Arrow Keys: D-Pad (Move left and right, positions punches or blocks)
  • Start: Pause
  • Attention: These controls are default for Player 1. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up. Click on the gamepad icon and set the Player 2 controls if you want to play Rocky with a friend.
  • These default controls can be changed in-game.

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Developer/Publisher: Sega

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