Altered Beast [Master System]

Altered Beast is a classic beat 'em up where a resurrected centurion who can shape shift into many beasts needs to rescue Zeus' daughter, Athena, from the hands of the Underworld's god. Play it's Master System version here! Get the full info here.



Altered Beast is a classic Sega‘s side-scrolling beat ’em up game, with platform elements, that puts the player in control of a resurrected centurion who can shape shift into many beasts — such as a werewolf, dragon or a tiger — if he gets enough power-ups that drop from the white cerberi (the little dogs).

The centurion was brought back from the dead by Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena, who was made captive by the god of the Underworld, Neff. The hero will fight hordes of the undead and demons in cool levels inspired by the Ancient Greece, with a big boss in the end of each stage, as we could expect.

Play the Altered Beast Master System port here. It has one less level and one less transformation than the original version, but it’s quite fun anyway. It’s online and ready to be enjoyed in your browser, without the need to install or download anything.


  • D-Button: Arrow Keys (Move)
  • Button 2: Z (Punch)
  • Button 1: X (Kick)
  • Punch + Kick: Jump
  • Punch + Kick + ↑: Jump higher
  • ↓ + Punch or Kick: Crouching attack (useful in several occasions)
  • You can also attack while jumping.
  • Pause: Enter (Pause game)
  • Attention: These controls are default. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up if you want to set it in any other way.

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