R.C. Grand Prix [Master System]

R.C. Grand Prix is an isometric racing game where you compete in challenging off-road tracks with the option to upgrade your radio-controlled car with better opponents. It was released in 89 and has multiplayer/PvP mode. Get the full info here.



R.C. Grand Prix is a top-down and isometric eadio-controlled racing game where you compete against three other contenders in challenging off-road tracks. It was developed by Absolute Entertainment and initially released in 1989, to Master System, while Game Gear got a port in 1992.

It has multiplayer/PvP support and gives you the option to upgrade your car by adding better components, such as higher capacity batteries and gear ratios in addition to the usual racer elements such as better suspension, tires and motors. You compete against 3 other opponents in this 3/4 overhead racer.

What we have here it’s the original Master System version set to be played online, in your browser (HTML5), so you don’t need to install anything, just play and have fun.


  • Arrow Keys – Steer
  • Z – Brakes
  • X – Accelerates
  • ENTER – Pause
  • Attention: these controls are default. Click on the gamepad icon and set controls the way you like it if you want.

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