Published (or updated) in July 11th, 2011.

Hi, our help page is still under construction, but there are some basic stuff you should know.

How to play?

  1. Usually, when you click the game’s thumb or its page, it will open the page with the game itself. It will start loading automatically, and the only thing you have to do is wait to play and have fun. Some games play ads before, it’s not too annoying and it’s a small price to have for free quality flash games. It’s not a bad idea to check the ads, maybe there is something interesting for you there.

Are you getting a white rectangle and the game doesn’t seem to be loaded?

We don’t have a solution for this yet, but luckily you can fix this with an easy trick: just press [CTRL] + [+] and then [CTRL] + [-]. Zooming the browser in (CTRL +) makes the game appear, and then you just gotta zoom it out (CTRL -) to the previous size. If you want to reset the browser’s zoom to its default size, just press [CTRL] + [0].

Unfortunately, the Flash player is slowly dying, if not dead already, and the browsers, not even Adobe, its currently owner, seems to be caring much about it anymore. We started to get these white rectangle after a certain browser or player update, and it often occurs, but the fact is that the game is loaded, but there is no image.

Are you getting a grey rectangle and the game won’t load?

That’s probably because you are trying to load an embedded Unity3D game.

Unfortunately, most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) dropped their plug-in support and, thus, the Unity3D player won’t work anymore. The only browser we know that is still working with Unity is the Internet Explorer.

We will try to replace , but it’s not always possible, because it’s up to the developer to re-release the game in some other plataform.

Anyway, the solution here is try to use the Internet Explorer (or maybe Safari) just to play this specific game.

The game still doesn’t run?

  1. Read the previous topic.
  2. You can try to clean your cache, and refresh the game page again.
  3. Check if you have the Flash player installed, and upgrade it if it’s not in the latest version or download it if you don’t have it here! Try this if you aren’t getting anything where the game should be.
  4. Some plugins, add-ons and ad blockers can mess up the game loading process. Try disabling these for a while.
  5. You can try to reinstall/downgrade flash (read reinstall/downgrade instructions below).
  6. If you tried everything, please let us know commenting in the game’s page. Maybe there is something wrong and we will try to fix, replace or delete the game if it’s hopeless.

How do I reinstall/downgrade flash?

  1. Sometimes you need to reinstall or downgrade your flash player in order for the games to work. In both cases, you will need to first Uninstall your flash player. Follow the instructions here. Then, if you want to reinstall, check for the lastest version and download it here! In some (hopefully) rare cases, you will need to downgrade your flash player to play the game. After uninstalling flash completelly, check for an older flash player version. Use your good sense here, we don’t hold any responsibility for anything that might occur.

How to check my Flash version?

  1. There are several sites that will say that to you. We recommend you to use Player Version to check yours.

How do I contact the website owners?

  1. Hit us at contact at aceonlinegames dot net
  2. You can drop a message at our Twitter or Facebook’s Page.

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