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Peon is a Golden Axe-like beat ’em up made in Flash where you control an orc and have to fight hordes of enemies.

You know orcs are tough, mean, stupid and ugly, right? But there is one that is fighting for revenge and freedom, and is not a bad guy…

Basic controls

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Z: Basic Attack
  • C: Jump
  • X: Special Attack

Advanced controls

  • 2x Left/Right: Run
  • C (while running): Run jump
  • Z (while run jumping): Ram
  • Z (while jumping): other jump attack
  • P: Pause
  • M: Menu

Added In: August 9th, 2011

Categories: Adventure, Fighting

Tags: , , , ,

Developer/Publisher: Adman

Played: 16 times.

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