Dahna: Megami Tanjō is a platform and beat 'em up game with RPG elements where a blonde young woman uses her sword and magic to scroll through fantasy-themed levels. It was released in 91 to Genesis. Play it online! Get the full info here.


Dahna: Megami Tanjō is a rare action-platform and fighting game set in a fantasy-themed world developed and published by IGS (Information Global Service) in December 20, 1991 to Genesis/Mega Drive.

In Dahna: Birth of a Goddess, how the game’s title can be translated to, you’ll also find beat ’em up and some RPG elements. The player controls a blonde young woman named Dahna as she scrolls horizontally or vertically through the levels. She fights her enemies using a sword and jumps in two heights, duck and crawl.

Dahna has also a magic meter, which has several colored levels. Different levels levels produce different magical effects (as in Golden Axe). Her spell can be replenished by collecting magical orbs, dropped by enemy mages when killed, who can also drop health orbs as well.

She starts the game riding an ogre, and later, other creatures, such as a horse and a griffin. When riding a creature, Dahna can’t use her magic powers.

As she kills enemies and gather orbs, Dahna gains experience points. Leveling up upgrades her health, as she gains more health points.

What we have here is it’s original Japanese version set to be played online, in your browser (HTML5). Play it and have fun!


In ancient times, there lived a wealthy family whose heirs were two daughters. The older daughter was named Regine, and the younger Dahna. These two sisters were born with an exceptional powers from a very young age, that could enable them to summon the elements and other impossible things. It was this magic that many evil man within the spiritual underworld lusted after, particularly Regine whose powers grew stronger with age.

On Dahna’s seventh birthday, their parents lost their lives to a trap they had laid, and Regine was taken away. Dahna, hidden beneath the wreckage of the carriage, was fortunate enough to avoid any harm.

And so 10 years passed. The orphaned Dahna had been adopted by a magician by the name of Magh, living in the village of Horn. Under his supervision she worked to unleash her hidden powers. One day while she was out on an errand, Horn was attacked by a force led by an evil sorceress. She rushed back just in time to see Magh being dragged away.

And so as if guided by fate, Dahna set out on a lone journey eastward to rescue him.


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Z: Attacks
  • X: Jumps
  • S: Magic
  • Jump + ↑: High jump
  • Jump + Attack: Jumping attack
  • ↑ + Attack: Upward trust
  • Jump, then ↓ + Attack: Downward trust
  • Start: Enter
  • Attention: these controls are default. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up. You can set the controls in there, if you want.

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