Zombie Mission 12 is a platform-puzzler in a parallel universe that looks like the Wild West where you'll rescue hostages, fight bosses, collect coins and get support from helpful drones and robot drones. Get the full info here.



Zombie Mission 12 is the 12th episode of the great Zombie Mission series. This online platform-puzzler for browsers (HTML5) is an adventure in another parallel universe that looks like the Wild West.

The objective here is to rescue hostages, fight bosses and collect your daily rewards and make necessary improvements in the Store with the coins you earn in-game.

Next to the previous installments, it features new weapons, mechanics and vehicles, added to the helpful drones and robot drones that will accompany you and offer support.

P.S.: this game can be played by one or two friends in the same PC. It features both modes.


Player 1

  • WASD: Move and jump
  • C: Hit
  • Hold C and Release: Mega Hit
  • V: Grenade
  • X: Reload
  • W: Jump/Walk on the wall/Swim up
  • Q and E: Switch weapon
  • Q + E: Special attack (when the bar is full)
  • Space Bar: Pauses

Player 2

  • Arrow KEys: Move and jump
  • L: Hit
  • Hold L and Release: Mega Hit
  • K: Grenade
  • J: Reload
  • ↑: Jump/Walk on the wall/Swim up
  • O and P: Switch weapon
  • O + P: Special attack (when the bar is full)

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