Zombie Mission is a very cool platform cooperative online game where a boy and a girl must explore a laboratory to collect disks with important records and save the humans from the zombies' hands. Get the full info here.



Zombie Mission is a very cool HTML5 platform cooperative online game for browsers made to be played by two friends in the same computer in a similar fashion to the addicting installments from the FireBoy & WaterGirl series.

In Zombie Mission, there are very important records that need to be saved from the hands of the zombies in what looks like a laboratory of some sort. A couple of friends, which means a boy and a girl, must explore this scientific facility to collect the disks and save the humans that are trapped in there. Solve puzzles, use any weapon available to destroy the monsters and complete each mission.

Remember, these records are critical for the humanity! We are counting you on!


  • Arrow Keys: Move and jump (Player 1)
  • L: Shoots (Player 1)
  • U: Switches weapons (Player 1)
  • WASD: Move and jump (Player 2)
  • F: Shoots (Player 2)
  • Q: Switches weapons (Player 2)
  • M: Hide health’s HUD
  • Press left or right when jumping onto a wall to slide it.
  • Press up when jumping onto a wall to grab it and jump again.
  • This is a cooperative game, but, if you have the patience, you can play it alone, controlling both chars at the same time strategically.

P.S.: If you like this game, you should also try its sequel, Zombie Mission 2!

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