Ghost Wiper

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Ghost Wiper is a cool multiplayer platform/puzzler inspired on Ghostbusters where two brothers who have opened an office to examine and search mysterious events have received a phone call one day to investigate a huge haunted house.

The two brothers make tracks for the mysterious house by preparing their gear, but the mysterious undead and demonic creatures in the house, traps and puzzles will make their job harder.

You should help them to clean up twenty rooms to finish their job while having fun!


  • WASD: Move and jump (Player 1)
  • F: Uses proton backpack (Player 1)
  • Q: Switches weapons (Player 1)
  • Arrow Keys: Move and jump (Player 2)
  • L: Drops ghost trap (Player 2)
  • U: Switches weapons (Player 2)
  • M: Hide health’s HUD
  • Press left or right when jumping onto a wall to slide it.
  • This is a cooperative game, but, if you have the patience, you can play it alone, controlling both chars at the same time strategically.

Added In: May 16th, 2020

Categories: Platform, Puzzlers

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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