Psycho Fox is a Master System platformer where a fox, a monkey, a tiger and a hippo must get through seven worlds to rid the land of an evil deity who corrupted the land and created hordes of creatures. It was released in 1989. Get the full info here.



Psycho Fox is a 2D side-scrolling platformer where four friends — a fox, a monkey, a tiger and a hippo — must get through seven worlds to rid the land of an evil deity, Madfox, who corrupted the land and created hordes of creatures.

Developed by Vic Tokai and published by Sega (by Tec Toy in Brazil as Sapo Xulé: Os Invasores do Brejo), Psycho Fox was released to Master System initially in December 1989. It’s quite awesome, one of the best SMS titles. It also holds similarities to other games, such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and especially to Decap Attack (1990), it’s spiritual successor.

Play this great game here online, on your browsers (HTML5), without the need to install stuff and other tedious tasks. We bet you’re going to have fun.


In Psycho Fox, each character controlled by the player has unique features. The Tiger is faster, the Monkey jumps the highest, the Hippopotamus is slower (what makes him better to walk in slippery surfaces) and the titular hero, Psycho Fox, is the most balanced of them all.

The enemies can be killed by being punched, hit with the bird companion (Bird Fly) that is found in some eggs or by jumping onto them until they are buried into the ground (otherwise they will eventually get back in action). Obstacles are scattered through each area, including spikes, cannonballs, escalators, fireballs, and steam. There are also warps that lead you into advanced areas that are hidden in the levels as invisible platforms and are revealed when you throw the Bird Fly on them (watch the video to get a better idea).

You start a match with three lives. which are lost when you fall on a trap or gets hit by an enemy. Avoid losing your lives, otherwise it’s game over (the game features continues, though). Asides the Bird Fly, there are power-ups that can be found in a quest to aid you on your quest: Psycho Stick (to transform into other animals), Straw Effigy (destroy all enemy creatures onscreen), Magic Medicine (invincibility), extra lives and Money Bags (extra tries in the bonus levels).


  • D-Button – Arrow Keys (Move)
  • Button 2 – Z (Jumps)
  • Button 1 – X (Attacks)
  • Pause – Enter (Pause game. It’s necessary to open the game’s menu)
  • Attention: these controls are default. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up if you want to set it in any other way.

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