Police Chase

Police Chase is a platformer inspired by Keystone Kapers (1983) where you help a police officer capture the inmates before they escape through the top floor of the penitentiary, dodging traps and racing against time. Get the full info here.



Police Chase is an online platform game for browsers (HTML5) inspired by the old Activision‘s classic Keystone Kapers, which was originally released in 1983 to the Atari 2600 console. It’s practically an unofficial remake, in fact.

Anyway, Police Chase happens after a riot in a penitentiary, when several inmates managed to escape. Since there are still some detainees to be captured, your objective is to help police officer Charles capture the inmates before they escape through the top floor of the penitentiary.

Race against time and dodge the traps and objects that get in the way of the pursuit, and try to enter the elevator to shorten your path.

Thank you for playing Police Chase, a game by JM Neto Game Dev.


  • ← and → – Move left and right
  • Space Bar – Jumps
  • – Enters elevator
  • – Crouches/exits elevator

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Developer and/or publisher: JM Neto Game Dev

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