Atari Missile Command is an enhanced online remake of the arcade's classic where six cities are being attacked by ballistic missiles and your mission is to fend off these enemy attacks. Get the full info here.



Atari Missile Command is an official and enhanced online (HTML5) remake of the classic arcade game where the player’s six cities are being threatened by an endless wave of ballistic missiles, and your mission is must save the territory by fending off enemy attacks.

Aim your three cannons a free will (even though it’s better to fire them in the optimal spots) and destroy the enemy artillery. But that’s not all. Planes drop missiles and mortars, drones with special explosives and evading missiles!

Atari Missile Command features classic arcade experience, enhanced gameplay for mobile devices and impressive modernized graphics.

Controls and instructions

  • Use the mouse to shoot missiles.
  • You can also tap to play on your mobile device.
  • With each 10.000 points you will earn a bonus city.
  • When all cities are destroyed it is game over “the-end”.
  • With each advancing level your points will get a multiplier of x1, x2 or even x3.
  • For each city that survives you will earn 100 points, and for each remaining missile 5 points each.

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