Xevious is a shoot 'em up from 1982 where you pilot a combat aircraft armed with a Zapper and bombs through a varied terrain sets, fighting hordes of air and surface enemies. Get the full info here.

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Released by Namco in 1982, Xevious (ゼビウス) is one of the first scrolling shooters ever. It was a huge hit in Japan becoming a cult, but had moderate success in the USA where it was manufactured and distributed by Atari. In Brazil, it was known as Columbia.

You pilot a combat aircraft called Solvalou, armed with a forward-firing Zapper for aerial targets and an unlimited supply of air-to-surface Blaster bombs, through a varied terrain sets like forests, airstrips, bases, and mysterious Nazca Line-like drawings on the ground. There are hordes of air and surface enemies to face.

Enjoy here this free Flash remake of this classic game. It’s pretty faithful to the arcade original, but it’s faster and harder!


  • Mouse click to start.
  • Z: Fire (Zapper)
  • X: Bomb (Blaster bombs)
  • Arrow Keys: Move

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2 Responses to “Xevious”

  1. Crine says:

    Amazing remake. I love this game, it’s faster than the original, but brings a lot of challenge to the classic gameplay!

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  2. Joe Buck says:

    Awesome! Xevious online!

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