Black Belt cheats and hints

Learn how to get unlimited lives, reach the secret level, become invulnerable, beat all the bosses and more in this SMS game!

Published (or updated) in May 21st, 2024.

Here we have a bunch of cheats and hints for Black Belt, a side-scrolling beat ’em up similar to Kung-Fu Master where the player controls, Riki. a highly skilled karateka who must fight his way against a multitude of enemies, which range from crazy Arabs and women with flamethrowers to demons, to rescue his beautiful girlfriend, Kyoko, from the hands of a powerful and sneaky scumbag named Wang.

Developed and published by Sega and initially released in November 1986 for Master System, Black Belt is also an international localization of Hokuto no Ken, although it has no references to the original works and features slight gameplay changes. It was developed by Sega and initially released in November 1986.

In this article, you;ll learn how to get unlimited lives, reach the secret level, become invulnerable, select levels, the strategies to beat all the bosses and more in this SMS game!

Well, lets go to the tricks!



The following video demonstrates most of the cheats taught in this article. It was made by our friends at Gaming Room:

The next sections of this article go more deep in the tricks in text:

Unlimited lives (SEGA Master System)

At the title screen, hold down [Button 1]. A red screen will appear that shows the number of lives that Riki has. When the screen goes blank, press and hold [Reset]. Riki will start walking across the top of the screen, fall over, and then die. After the game resets, release [Reset]. When you start the game, you will have unlimited lives. If the cheat works, the background graphics in the beginning of the Chapter 1 will be screwed.

Note that if you gain the two extra lives (you get the first life with 100,000 points and the second with 300,000) and get back to number 1 in lives, you lose the trick. If you die, the game is over.

Chapter 7 (Boss Rush)

In the secret level, Chapter 7, you will fight all the bosses again, but only against them and without recovering energy between battles. It’s a typical boss rush that we see in many old beat ’em ups.

In order to access Chapter 7, after killing Wang, the final boss, and saving Kyoko, some writing will appear with a black background or something after Riki leaves the screen, carrying his loved babe. The moment this happens, start repeatedly pressing the directional pad up. Some sources and people say that 20 times is enough, but it’s a good idea to keep constantly doing that to be sure.

The procedure is the same to activate Chapter 7 of Master System’s Hokuto no Ken.

Action Replay codes

These codes can be used with the Pro Action Replay device or in emulators such as Emulicious e Fusion:

  • 00DB 9340 – God mode
  • 00DB 6B12 – Level select: you have to press the D-Pad up (↑) on the Player 2 control in the title screen. Use the values from the level select trick without Action Replay to figure out which value leats to each level.

Level select

It is said that this code works, but if it does, its quite hard to make it right. Anyway, in the title screen using the Player 2’s control, enter the following code with the D-Pad: ⬆,⬇,⬅,➡,↖,↗,↘,↙, ⬆ (x7),⬇,↗ e ↗. Then, while still with the Player 2 control you should be able to select a value using ⬆ and pressing a button to start a match in the desired level according to the list down below:

The values are

  • 0 – Chapter 1
  • 1 – Chapter 1 boss
  • 2 – Chapter 2
  • 3 – Chapter 2 boss
  • 4 – Chapter 3
  • 5 – Chapter 3 boss
  • 6 – Chapter 4
  • 7 – Chapter 4 boss
  • 8 – Chapter 5
  • 9 – Chapter 5 boss
  • A – Chapter 6

Attention: as stated earlier, this trick is very difficult to perform, and the diagonal directions must be pressed perfectly. For example, for ↖, the directions ⬆ and ⬅ should be pressed together and exactly at the same time. If you can’t get it to work at all you can use a Pro Action Replay level selection code in your emulator or on the device itself.

Moves and commands

  • ← and → – Move left and right
  • – Jump
  • – Crouch
  • ↓, ↑ – High jump
  • Button 1 – Kick
  • Button 2 – Punch
  • ↓ and ↑ – High jump
  • Kick while on air – Flying kick
  • ↓ + Punch – Punch in the crouch
  • ↓ + Kick – Crouching kick

Attention: note that these controls consider the original Master System’s ones.

How to beat all the bosses

The following video was also made by the Gaming Room and teaches you how to defeat all the bosses of this game:


In order to defeat Black Belt‘s Ryu, just go completely to the corner keep throwing punches non-stop. You can do it with kicks too, but punches seem more reliable in this sense.

You can also defeat him by hitting him with flying kicks back and forth, but you have to get the right timing.

That’s it for now.


Hawk is arguably the easiest boss in this game, but note that he will take more damage if you hit him with kicks (which includes the flying ones) until he reaches half his energy. Then, Riki will start throwing higher punches that will inflict the same amount as his kick.


This sumo fighter can be a bit tricky. Don’t try to be toe to toe to him when he’s attacking, especially with his hands. During the fight, he makes a few stops, and then he becomes vulnerable, especially to flying attacks.

You can catch him with a flying kick session by jumping back and forth (like you did with Ryu), but if you’re smart enough, you can attack him with punches and standing kicks too. Just remember not to try to hit him while he’s attacking.


This demon seems invincible, but with this strategy is actually quite easy to beat him. Just move totally against the wall and keep throwing punches non-stop. Oni and his energy go to zero, but he dies first. Maybe kicks can be used in this strategy too.

There’s an alternative way to beat him, as incredible as it may seem, but it’s a bit complicated. It depends on knowing the right time to attack, but we really didn’t figure out how they did it.


One of the ways to defeat Rita is by using the right sequence of blows. First, use kick (or flying kick), punch, crouching punch and crouch kick. Then repeat it. When she runs out of energy, wait for her to jump and attack before she hits the ground.

There is another way to kill her, which is by attacking her when she is on her flying attack, hitting her before she hits the ground, but the strategy we described first is simpler and more direct.


Beating Wang (no pun intended) is definitely the hardest thing to do in Black Belt. You can try to go one-on-one with him, trying to do same flying kick session that can be used against Ryu, for instance, but you’ll notice that, in addition to the villain counterattacking very well, his attacks inflict twice the damage you inflict on him.

Luckily, there’s a trick that makes it easier: get all the way to the corner of the screen, crouch (using the lower directional pad to the side you’re leaning against) and start spamming punches. If Wang is a certain distance away, he will jump behind you. Keep punching without stopping and try to take as much of his energy as possible doing this, preferably until his health reaches almost zero (there will only be a small scratch on his health bar). Now, you’ll have to punch him in his face, as he’ll be kinda invulnerable to other attacks when he reaches this health level.

So that’s it!

We hope it helps!

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