Wondrous Lands

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Wondrous Lands is a fantasy rogue-like RPG about a traveling team of heroes on epic quest to save the world. It’s a very cool and unique game so you’ll probably have fun leading them to victory… Or make them see their doom!

Wondrous Lands features:

  • A randomly generated world to explore, filled with monsters, treasure and opportunities;
  • More than 150 dangerous enemies to fight, from mere goblins to mighty dragons;
  • Study your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Prepare accordingly or face an inevitable defeat;
  • The opportunity to make your team unique by teaching your heroes 120 different abilities;
  • Powerful magic items to collect and use them against the enemy;
  • Quests to take on, magic to be learn, powerful beings to follow and more!

The game also has a wiki.

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