The King of Dragons

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The King of Dragons is a 1991 a hack ‘n slash fighting game by Capcom where you control a medieval warrior that has to travel through the Kingdom of Malus and defeat the monsters and their leader. It was released on arcade and Super NES. This is a very faithful Flash port of the latter version.

Choose to play as an wizard, elf, fighter, cleric or dwarf and face fantastic monsters in this classic beat ’em up that mixes a lot of genres and has a cool Dungeons & Dragons-like atmosphere.


  • ENTER: Start
  • WASD: Move
  • K, L and I: Fight and jump (this keys can be changed in-game)

Added In: February 23rd, 2015

Categories: Arcade, Classics, Fighting

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Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Played: 18 times.

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