Ikari Warriors

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Ikari Warriors is a classic SNK shooter released in 1986 for several systems. This vertically scrolling, run and gun and shoot ’em up arcade game was SNK’s first major US hit.

The game follows the Commando formula, but innovated it, with rotary joysticks and a two-player mode. It is inspired on the Rambo films, and probably thats why it features a similar gameplay of Master System’s Rambo: First Blood Part II.

The protagonists are Colonel Ralf and Second Lieutenant Clark (of the later King of Fighters series) and they must battle through hordes of enemies, running and shooting they way out.

Play the 8-bit NES version of this game here, in your browser, and for free!


  • Enter: Start
  • CTRL: Select
  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Z: A (Shoots)
  • X: B (Grenades)

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Developer/Publisher: SNK

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