Zillion 2: Tri Formation

Zillion 2: Tri Formation (1988) is a Master System run and gun 2D platformer based on the sci-fi anime series where JJ has to stop the Norsa from invading and rescue his teammates from a gigantic alien battle fortress.

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Zillion 2: Tri Formation, or just Zillion II, is a run and gun 2D platformer based on the sci-fi Tatsunoko Productions’ anime series that was developed by Sega and released to Master System in July 1988. It’s also the sequel to Zillion, albeit featuring substantially gameplay mechanics and better graphics.


A faint distress transmission, barely understandable, was received at the White Knights’s headquarters. Sent from a distant outpost at the extreme edge of the planetary system, the garbled message alerts of a new, gigantic Norsa Battle Fortress at the edge of the Norsa Galaxy.

Apple and Champ, two members of the elite White Knight special peacekeeping force, immediately set out on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the Norsa Fortress.

However, the last words heard from Apple and Champ were: “Help us J.J.! Baron Ricks has…”

JJ is now up against the new Norsa Empire facing Olivion Platoon Captain Radajian Defense Leader, the Alleevian Supreme Commander. His mission is to stop the alien force from invading their planet and to rescue his teammates.


There are eight rounds in the game, and the gameplay is split into two parts. In the odd-numbered rounds, you ride a bike known as the “Tri Formation” which has the Zillion laser beam attached to it. As well as shooting Norsa warriors, you must jump over gaps and the pulsating areas of the floor. If you get shot or fail to avoid dangers, your life meter will decrease. If that meter is empty, you lose a life. When you run out of lives, its game over, naturally.

Power-ups can be obtained that will give you the Armorator, extra life or gun upgrades. In rounds 5 and 7, you are required to use the Armorator to survive. You can also change between Apple and Champ during these rounds, but only once each.

On the even-numbered rounds, you run and shoot your way to an end level boss. Beware of the Norsa Warriors and other enemies. In these levels, getting shot at or fall in a gap will result in you losing life.


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Button 2: Z (Shoots)
  • Button 1: X (Jumps)
  • Enter: Pause/menu
  • Attention: These controls are the default ones. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up. These default controls can be changed this way.

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