Steam Heart [Download]

A high action, run 'n gun, boss frenzy, 16-bits, pure Treasure explosion filled festival!

Published (or updated) in November 1st, 2019.

Steam Heart is very cool retro run and gun made as a tribute to classic Treasure’s games, like Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier. Imagine it as long lost Mega Drive/Genesis short game.

Created by SinclairStrange in under 72 hours, Steam Heart started out as a Ludum Dare jam game (it was made for Ludum Dare 36), but slowly evolved into to an all out, high action experience that aims to capture that lovely 16-bit spirit!

Presented as a high action, run ‘n gun, boss frenzy, 16-bits, pure Treasure explosion filled festival, Steam Heart gives you the opportunity to explode your way through over seven action packed levels, filled with many many boss fights, enemies and gimmicks. Pumped with a pure Genesis/Mega Drive-like filling soundtrack, Steam Heart will cater to those who grew up on these types of games.

Note that we already had a Flash version of Steam Heart, which can be played directly in your browser, but it’s also good to provide a downloadable alternative.


Above, we have a Steam Heart playthrough made in less than twelve minutes.

The second video was commented by our partners @ Gaming Room, but it’s in Portuguese.


  • Seven high action, levels, filled with multiple bosses, gimmicks and enemies to take down;
  • 40+ bosses to fight and explode;
  • Weapon combining system: six different types of weapons to combine and fire at your enemy;
  • Mega Drive/Genesis-style soundtrack to rock out too, giving it the authentic 16-bit experience.


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Shift: Jumps
  • Ctrl: Shoots
  • : Changes weapons
  • Space Bar: Dash
  • Alt + F4: Quits game
  • You can also dash by pressing down and fire.
  • Dashing makes you invincible. Dash through enemies, bosses and bullets!
  • You can edit or change the controls to different types in the options menu.

More info and run and gun

Click here to download the game

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