Golden Axe: The Curse of Death Adder is a fangame that gathers and combines heroes, music, enemies, backgrounds and elements from all of this highly popular Sega beat ’em up series.

In Golden Axe: The Curse of Death Adder, a beat ’em up developed as an independent fangame on OpenBOR, you will find heroes, enemies, levels, music and other elements from all the Golden Axe series. It also counts with three game modes and songs from the Conan movie.

It is a pretty decent remake and has the feeling of one of the original arcade game, even though it lacks a good final overall polishing and still has some bugs, but these aren’t nothing that would harm the experience.


Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler and Tyris Flare are back along with three other heroes to face a new Death Adder’s threat, who was revived and brought back Hell by the followers of his macabre and evil cult. The new heroes will have the help of new mounts, like a giant bulk dude and a kind of bull with its tail on fire.



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