August 15th, 2018

Enclosure is a text-based and retro-styled adventure that pays homage to the old and classic Sierra’s games of the genre.

Enclosure’s plot revolves around a con-artist, Mike Goodman, when he was hired to investigate an alleged haunting case in an icy and isolated oil-extraction platform. Arriving there, Mike, along with his equally trickster girlfriend, Sarah Parker, and a group of experts end up getting trapped in Mary, while mysterious deaths begin to happen.

Developed and released independently by Femo Duo Entertainment in 2003/2004, Enclosure is presented as not your average Adventure-game, featuring many extras which you’ll have to find them out for yourself. This freeware was developed using a variant of the AGI engine, the same one used to build several of the Sierra’s titles of this genre.


The above video has the official Enclosure‘s trailer. It’s pretty good, reveals details of the plot and has a nice suspense atmosphere.


You are Mike Goodman, a con artist who lives with his girlfriend in a rundown apartment. Your job is to trick people into thinking you can contact the dead. Some day, you met a man called William Mayfield in a pub who offered you $10,000 to go with him to a remote station in Greenland named Mary. It is suspected that there is a spirit haunting the place. You immediately accept, since you have little money and no other work.

Next morning you are off, but upon arrival, the helicopter brakes and you and the team of paranormal experts get stranded in the station. After first contact with the spirit, things start to go wrong – horribly wrong. Strange oil stains appear all over the station, death comes knocking, and not everyone is who they seem to be. It is up to you to find the secret behind the deaths that are happening and exactly who is behind them.


Commanding Mike

  • A joystick or the number pad/arrow keys on your keyboard move the main character north, south, east, west or diagonally. To halt your character’s steps with the keypad, press the last direction key again or the number 5.
  • During the game, you may change control modes by stopping the main character (see above) and resuming either joystick or keyboard control. (If you’ve never used the joystick before in the game, press Control-J to activate it).
  • Your mouse will be useful to you in moving your character. To move your character using it, position the cursor to where you want the character to move, then click the left mouse button. If you click on the status bar, the pop-down menu will appear. Clicking any mouse button when a message box appears will clear it.
  • Talk to your computer in commands of one or two words, or even simple sentences. Unless otherwise instructed, follow all commands with the ENTER key.
  • You may meet others who have a message for you. Command them to speak. Type: TALK TO THE MAN
  • You may later need objects you see along the way. Type: GET THE KEY
  • Pay attention to details. To see an object closely, type: LOOK AT THE DESK
  • Use the objects you find along the way. Type: GIVE THE BASKET TO THE GIRL

Interface controls

  • F1: Help/Shows list of control keys
  • F2: Toggles sound on/off
  • F3: Repeats previous command
  • F4: Views items in inventory
  • F5: Saves game
  • F6: Tells you which character(s) are in that room at that time
  • F7: Restores game
  • F9: Restarts game
  • +: Increases speed
  • _: Decreases speed
  • CTRL + C: Cancels typed input (sometimes this key-combination has another function)
  • CTRL + J: Resets joystick
  • CTRL + R: Toggles RGB/composite graphics mode (most MS-DOS machines)
  • ALT + Z: Quits game
  • TAB: Inventory
  • CTRL + ALT + ← or →: Shift display (right or left)

Pop up menus

  • Press ESC or click on the status bar with your mouse and a menu bar will appear at the top of your screen.
  • Use the left or right arrow keys to choose a menu.
  • Use the up or down arrow keys to highlight a menu item.
  • HOME/END: Jump to first/last menu
    PGUP/PGDN: Jump to first/last menu item
  • Press ENTER to select a highlighted item or press ESC to go back to the game.


  • Game’s page at the official developer’s site – With more info, screenshots, alternative download link and a text walkthrough.
  • Enclosure @ Gaming Room – The game’s post at our partner’s website. With more screenshots and info, but it’s in Portuguese.
  • There is a very informative TXT file that goes along in the download’s ZIP package that you should read. It has more instructions, controls and stuff.

Click here to download the game

The link will open in a new window. (Size: 665 KB)

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