Doom Triple Pack

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Doom Triple Pack is a full and total conversion of three first person classics, Doom, Heretic and Hexen, to flash.

Play the first episodes of all those games now, freely and online, in your browser!

It may take a while to load, but this game worths it. It gives us perfect gameplay and outstanding fun.

The games were converted and triple packed by Mike.


  • WASD: Movement
  • +, Click On Screen or ←/→: Turn
  • Spacebar: Shoots
  • R: Use door/lever
  • SHIFT: Run
  • ESC: Menu
  • TAB: Map
  • Number Keys: Shange weapon
  • E: Switch weapons (Heretic/Hexen)
  • ENTER: Uses inventory item (Heretic/Hexen)
  • Q: Jumps (Heretic/Hexen)
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  1. doom says:

    doom is such a fun game and now its on online? cooool

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