The world of Parthoris has been attacked and only one Dark Elf can take on the armies of the Seven Kings.

Published (or updated) in February 27th, 2019.

Heretic is the classic first person shooter developed by Raven Software released in 1994 that takes the consecrated Doom formula to a dark medieval fantasy universe!

Download and play the first episode of the first game of the Heretic series. Powered by an upgraded version of the id Software’s Doom engine, Heretic is a timeless classic that combined that game’s first person shooter gameplay in a fantasy setting.

The goal in each level is to find the exit, finding keys to open certain doors and using any weapons and gear that will help you to survive the hordes of monsters that will attack you on sight. Enemies include gargoyles, golems, undead knights, sorcerers, ophidian beasts and more. Some have additional range attacks, others have ghost forms and are impervious to certain weapons.

Even though the weapons and power-ups are kinda analogous to the Doom ones, the upgrades in the engine made by Raven guaranteed enhanced features in relation to the id’s FPS, like flying, stacking items in the inventory and using them and the ability to look up and down.

The version we have here is the Heretic Shareware v1.2, which is free to download and play.


The above video shows Heretic shareware running its demos on DOSBox. There is also the E1M1 level being played.

This one shows the Heretic‘s E1M1 BGM.


The world of Parthoris has been attacked by the three Serpent Riders and their power controls the minds of the seven kings of this planet. Only the Sidhe Elves are immune to the Riders’ influence, which led to them being branded heretics. D’Sparil, the youngest and weakest Rider, sends the armies of the Seven Kings against the Sidhe, who have no choice but to extinguish the Seven Candles that represent these armies, vanquishing them. The retribution is swift and hard, and most of the elves were destroyed. Now, one of the last remaining Sidhe, Corvus, must take the fight to D’Sparil himself.


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