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This is a perfect and total DooM conversion to flash, so you can play the first episode online, in the class, at work, at home, wherever you have support to this plataform.

Graphics, sounds, levels are pretty much the same of the original game. The gameplay is, maybe, slightly different, but that’s no big deal at all. Even the Doom cheat codes work here (just click in the game screen and type the code you want).

This id Software’s classic is for sure one excelent addition to our site!


  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Ctrl: Shoots
  • Spacebar: Opens doors or turn on switches and levers
  • Shift: Runs
  • Z: Strafes

Added In: August 19th, 2011

Categories: Action, Classics, Recommended, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: id Software

Played: 248 times.

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2 Responses to “Doom”

  1. oSonicVermelho - RedSonic says:

    O porte ficou bem legal mesmo. A resolução ficou alta e os efeitos sonoros bons. O mais legal é saber que é uma conversão e não uma “engine” re-criada do zero pra flash.
    O que mata mesmo são os slowdowns em alguns lugares (acho que é culpa do meu pc) Mas aí é só diminuir um pouquinho o tamanho da tela (achei massa quando ví que eles mantiveram isso)
    Conheci esse sitezinho bacana através do Curtas do Doomguy, e adorei, hehe!

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