64th Street: A Detective Story

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64th Street: A Detective Story is a Final Fight-inspired beat ’em up developed by C.P. Brain and published by Jaleco in 1991 to the arcades where two professional private detectives were hired by a rich man to rescue his daughter, who was kidnapped by an evil corporation.

The heroes use different fighting styles, and they are Rick Anderson, a 35-year old professional private detective and Rick’s 19-year old pupil, Allen Tombs. The gameplay is typical of the genre, where the players move in 8 directions and have to battle lots of enemies and their bosses, combining attacks with jumps and picking objects up to use as weapons.


  • Arrow Keys: Move (Player 1)
  • CTRL: Attacks (Player 1)
  • ALT: Jumps* (Player 1)
  • RDFG: Move (Player 2)
  • J: Attacks (Player 2)
  • S: Jumps (Player 2)
  • 5: Inserts coin
  • Attack + Jump: Special attack (consumes health)
  • 1: Player 1 Start
  • 2: Player 2 Start
  • P: Pauses game

Attention: Is recommended to play with the player 2 or change the input configuration by pressing [TAB], because if you press this key while playing, it will make the game lose focus*.

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Developer/Publisher: Jaleco

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