Zillion: Assault on Maris

A challenging shooter based on both the anime Zillion and an old Master System game!

Published (or updated) in March 5th, 2024.

Zillion: Assault on MarisZillion: Assault on Maris is an indie shooting gallery inspired by a great product of the eighties, the one where JJ, Apple and Champ use their godsend weapons to fight a murderous race of aliens named Nohzas to save the most prosperous human colony n the year 2387, where billions of natives are helpless against this threat.

Developed by 33 Games, Zillion: Assault on Maris is a well done, eye candy and quite hard rail shooter where you will face Nohzas in different scenarios of a planet that the humans call The Second Earth, Maris. The team of heroes, the White Nuts, must not fail, otherwise the aliens will exterminate our population to replace it with their eggs and continue expanding their genocidal empire.

We’d also like to say that it not only Assault on Maris features colorful, retro and crispy pixel art graphics, combined with the songs and sound effects from the original anime, but is also a remake of an old Master System shooter that is also probably based/inspired on the Zillion anime, Assault City.




  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Follow the instructions in-game.
  • For a real challenge, play it on Hard difficulty! =]

Full credits

Pixel art by Michel Borges

  • Instagram: @michel_borges
  • Twitter: @michelborgess
  • Links: linktr.ee/michelborges

Developed by

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Developer and/or publisher: 33 Games

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