The Zombie Dude

The Zombie Dude is a multiplayer platform-puzzler in the vein of the FireBoy & WaterGirl series in which a mocker zombie joins a young adventurer in a struggle against the evil undead. Get the full info here.



The Zombie Dude is an online multiplayer platform-puzzler for browsers (HTML5) in the vein of the FireBoy & WaterGirl series in which a mocker zombie confronts a young adventurer man, inviting him to struggle against the evil undead.

Even if the dude doesn’t understand most of what zombie says, he decides to struggle against the bad monsters by getting his gun and joining the good monster.

The mocker zombie can carry¬† ocks and can throw them because of his strength, while the adventurer young man kills the evil zombies by using his gun and brain. The result which can be expected from this unity, depends on you…

This game can be played by two friends in the same computer, but you can also play it alone without any problems.

Have fun!


Mocker Zombies

  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • L: Shoots
  • K: Carry/throw the box
  • U: Changes weapons

Young Adventurer

  • WASD: Move
  • F: Shoots
  • G: Grenades
  • Q: Changes weapons

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