The Simpsons, also known as The Simpsons Arcade Game, is a beat 'em up where Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa attempt to rescue Maggie from Smithers and Mr. Burns. Play here it's MS-DOS version online!

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The Simpsons, also known as The Simpsons Arcade Game, is a beat ’em up developed by Konami originally released to the arcades in 1991 where you will play as either Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa in their attempt to rescue Maggie from Smithers and Mr. Burns.

It’s a side-scrolling fighting game. Homer attacks with his bare hands, Bart rides a skateboard and uses it to attack, Marge attacks by swinging her vacuum cleaner and Lisa swings her rope to beat the baddies. What we have here is the MS-DOS port of The Simpsons, ready to be played online, in your browsers. You can also play it with a friend in the same keyboard.

The game’s levels are Downtown Springfield, Krustyland, Springfield Discount Cemetery, Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Gorge, Dreamland, Channel 6 studio, and the Power Plant. Each level ends with a boss whose speed and strength will increase after taking a certain amount of damage. End level bosses are the Wrestler, Professor Werner von Brawn, a hot air balloon shaped like Krusty the Clown, a pair of bouncers, a drunk at Moe’s Tavern, a henchman in a bear suit, a giant bowling ball, and a martial arts sensei dressed like a kabuki actor. There’s also the final showdown against Smithers and Mr. Burns in a robotic outfit.

Between levels, the player can compete against the other characters in two mini-games: inflating a ballon and waking up their character. Who completes the action first, wins.

The Simpsons features colorful graphics, characters from the show (and some unique ones), fun background music inspired (or adapted) from the series and a lot of humor.


Waylon Smithers has just stolen a diamond from Springfield Jewelers for Mr. Burns. While trying to make a getaway, he crashes into Homer, which knocks the diamond out of his hand. Maggie catches it in her mouth, prompting Smithers to grab her and run off. The Simpsons decide to go after him, but Mr. Burns has tons of henchmen, who want to prevent the family getting their daughter back.


  • Arrow Keys or Keypad: Move (Player 1)
  • Insert: Attacks (Player 1)
  • Del: Jumps (Player 1)
  • QWEDCXZA: Move (Player2)
  • V: Attacks (Player 2)
  • B: Jumps (Player 2)
  • Press any of the attack keys to start the game.

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