Super Archer playthrough

Super Archer playthrough/guide/walkthrough, a video that presents this fun and old school styled side-scrolling platform game and shows how to beat all its six levels. Get the full info here.



This is our Super Archer playthrough, a video we made that shows how to beat all the six levels from this cool side-scrolling 2D online platformer for browsers (HTML5) by Fun Best Games.

Super Archer is kinda easy to finish but is still fun and features a nice old school Mario-like gameplay-style. This video was made to present it, but also serves as a walkthrough or guide if you need it.

The objective in this game is to help the archer cross the monster valley, where he will encounter many challenges.


Check the list down below to get know when each level starts in the video:

  1. 00:15 – Level 1
  2. 02:13 – Level 2
  3. 04:27 – Level 3
  4. 06:47 – Level 4
  5. 09:06 – Level 5
  6. 11:46 – Level 6

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Link to Super Archer playthrough

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