Here we have a video which is a full walkthrough to Stone Smacker, a cool retro-styled and Zelda-inspired puzzler developed by JM Neto Game Dev where a young redhead dude will push stones into holes to clear the paths to the treasure chests.

It features nice colorful graphics and theme, 10 increasingly challenging levels and Sokoban-like gameplay. The following walkthrough/guide/playthrough was made and published by our channel and shows all of its ten stages being beaten.

With this, we’re sure you’ll be able to finish this game, but note that it can totally spoil the experience for you:


Down below, you can find where each Stone Smacker level starts in the video, if you want to watch just some specific stage to learn how to beat it:

  1. 00:28 – Level 01
  2. 00:55 – Level 02
  3. 01:44 – Level 03
  4. 03:19 – Level 04
  5. 06:30 – Level 05
  6. 09:52 – Level 06
  7. 12:37 – Level 07
  8. 15:03 – Level 08
  9. 21:56 – Level 09
  10. 25:20 – Level 10

Alternative walkthrough

Alternatively, you can watch this other walkthrough we found. To change the level being watched, just click on the control icon in the playing bar. It will open a menu for you to choose the stage you want:

More Sokoban

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