Space Prison Escape 2

Space Prison Escape 2 is a platform-puzzler where our heroes were surrounded them before they could get back to Earth and now must escape from a space prison by finding minerals and the door to the next level on each floor. Get the full info here.



Space Prison Escape 2 is a cool FireBoy & WaterGirl-like online platform-puzzler for browsers (HTML5) where our heroes were heading back to Earth in the spaceship they found in their first adventure, but their enemies chased in space and surrounded them before they could travel halfway to the planet.

This time, they are captured by aliens and sent to a different prison in another planet! Help them escape by finding all the green minerals on each floor and reaching the door out to the next level.

This game can be played by two friends in the same computer, each controlling a character with unique abilities. But you can also play it alone if you want to. Just control both chars yourself.


  • Move: WASD (Player 1) or Arrow Keys (Player 2)
  • Attack: K (Player 2)
  • Double Jump: (2x) jump (Player 1)
  • Lift/Throw Objects: L (Player 2)
  • Open Doors/Interacts: F (Player 1)
  • Both players can glide on walls by jumping onto them and holding the directional key towards the wall.

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Added In: September 1st, 2021

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