Metal Guns Fury is a cool retro-styled game inspired by the classic Metal Slug series. Here, you'll play with brave soldiers, choose your weapons and vehicles, attack and destroy the enemies and defend the country. Get the full info here.



Metal Guns Fury is a very cool online game for browsers (HTML5) from Playtouch that features retro style and is inspired by the classic and popular Metal Slug series.

Here, you’ll play with four brave soldiers, an epic squad of glorious commandos, heroes of war. Choose your weapons and vehicles (tanks, mechs, etc.) to attack and destroy the enemies.

Get your metal guns ready and engage in action. It’s time to call your soldiers to do their duty, as an army of renegade slugs has invaded an island and took control of it.

Save the people on the island, rescue the hostages, defend the country, and kill the enemy commander in chief.

Keep shooting ’til you win!


  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Move
  • Space Bar: Shoots
  • Number Keys: Use items/special skills
  • F and R: Change weapons
  • Check further instructions in-game.

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