Resident Evil Ebola

Resident Evil Ebola is an adventure game that centers on an overwhelming web of mysteries surrounding the emergence of a zombie outbreak. It features nice retro graphics, Metal Slug resources and an interesting plot.

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The plot on Resident Evil Ebola starts out to be a series of bizarre murder cases, soon shapes out to be an overwhelming web of mysteries surrounding the emergence of a new zombie outbreak.

Survive the encounters with genetically modified zombies and B.O.W’s, investigate the mysteries of the mansion and stay alive any way possible.

This adventure game was developed and/or published by MetaMike, features nice retro graphics, resources ripped from Metal Slug and an interesting plot.

Controls and Instructions

  • Arrow Keys: Move around
  • S: Fires primary weapon
  • D: Fires secondary weapon
  • A: Survival knife
  • W: Fires upwards with the handgun (doesn’t consume ammo)
  • F: First Aid Spray
  • Enter: Opens doors/interacts with environment
  • Space Bar: Opens inventory
  • Save your progress at the typewriters that show up in the game. If you die, you will respawn at your last save!
  • Interact with the Merchant to purchase weapon upgrades!

Weapon upgrades

  • Faster Rate of Fire (Handgun): Hold S to fire rapidly
  • Samurai Sword: A to use (replaces Survival Knife)
  • Explosive Rounds (Handgun): Tap S to fire then S again to detonate bullet (replaces normal bullets)
  • G: Grenades

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