Karate Champ

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Karate Champ, known in Japan as Karate Dō (空手道), is the classic Technos’ arcade game released in 1984 that inspired titles such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter where up to two players will compete in a Karate championship in a series of best-of-three matches.

The game was originally published by Data East and later ported to several other platforms, such as NES, Commodore 64, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 4, Wii and Switch.

What we have here is the original Karate Champ arcade version ready to be played in your browser, without the need of installation and other hassles.


  • The game uses two joysticks, the arrow keys are one of them.
  • Button A: Z
  • Button B: X
  • Button X: A
  • Button Y: S
  • Button L: Q
  • Button R: E
  • Insert Coin: Shift
  • Start: Enter
  • Attention: These controls are default for Player 1. Hover your mouse into the lower part of the screen and a control bar will show up. Click on the gamepad icon and set the Player 2 controls if you want to play Karate Champ with a friend.
  • These default controls can be changed in-game.

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Developer/Publisher: Technos

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