Doomsday Hero

Doomsday Hero is a platform/run and gun game where a poisonous gas leaked from a large-scale biochemical experiment and turned most people into zombies, As an apocalyptic hero, you need to destroy the undead. Get the full info here.



Doomsday Hero is an online platform/run and gun game for browsers (HTML5) where a poisonous gas accidentally leaked from a large-scale biochemical experiment and the global climate was seriously polluted. As a result, most people became infected and turned into zombies, only a few survived.

Since it’s not possible yet to develop an antidote, in order to protect the few surviving people, some warriors need to destroy the undead. We call these warriors apocalyptic heroes.

Help the warriors, buy upgraded weapons and sophisticated mounts, and use powerful skills and props to fight the enemy.


  • WASD: Move and jump
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Q and E: Switch weapons
  • R: Reloads
  • Space Bar, F and V: Skill/prop
  • After the game is loaded, click [Start Game]-then click [Level 1]-finally click [Basic] to start the game.

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Added In: September 11th, 2021

Categories: Platform, Shooting

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Developer and/or publisher: Mad Buffer

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