World of Dungeons

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World of Dungeons is an action Flash game where you control a barbarian that has to destroy unspeakable horrors with your powerful axe to gain fame, wealth and honor. Help him to explore a vast dungeon filled with dangerous monsters and valuable artifacts and gain eternal glory by finding and defeating the Great Red Dragon deep within the dungeon.

Are you the one who can survive and destroy the abominable dangers in this dungeon? Can you rescue your companions from the grasp of the Evil Sorcerer?

World of Dungeons features some nice pixel art graphics and retro style, a Conan-like sword and sorcery theme, undead ghouls and other fantastic creatures. It was developed by Manfred Lipowski.


  • Move and control your barbarian with the arrow keys.
  • Press CTRL to throw your axe.
  • Use the space bar to jump.
  • Q: Quits
  • P: Pauses game
  • ENTER: Enters dungeon

Added In: April 6th, 2012

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