Monster Catcher

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Monster Catcher is a fun and challenging game that reminds these old claw machines from the arcades, but with Halloween monsters, zombies and other types of ghouls you need to catch!


Controls and instructions

  • Use the mouse or your mobile device’s touch pad to play this game.
  • Tap or click anywhere on the screen in order to activate the claw.
  • Different creepy creatures are moving around the catcher machine and you need to catch required number of monsters to complete a level.
  • It will catch only that monster whose identical copy is present in the screen, otherwise you will lose 1 of your 3 lives.
  • So first find two similar monsters and then catch one of them.
  • To complete a level you will have to obey the time limits too.
  • You will certainly get bonus score, if you save lives or time.

Added In: September 21st, 2020

Categories: Arcade

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Developer/Publisher: Lof Games

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