Warfare 1917

July 11th, 2012

Warfare 1917 is a cool strategy game developed by ConArtists where you’ll lead British or German forces through the trenches of Europe amidst World War I.

Use infantry, armor and fire support to take control of the ground or bombard your foes into submission in Warfare 1917, this cool and well done strategy game originally that features two campaigns (British and German) and a custom battle mode, where you can setup skirmishes the way you want.

This game garnered generally favorable reviews, and a sequel, Warfare 1944, was later made featuring the Americans and Germans in the Second World War.

Warfare 1917 was originally created in Flash by the talented ConArtists, published by Armor Games and originally released in September 19, 2008. Eventually, the authors released Warfare Online, a free to play online game which seems to be a very updated sequel to the series.


In the above video, we have part of the British campaign from the Warfare 1917 game.


In Warfare 1917, the player orders units – which include Riflemen, Machine Gunners, Assault, Officers, Sharpshooters, and tanks – to capture ground and trenches while fighting programmed enemies. These units can be used in both the British and German campaigns and custom mode.

There are also support weapons, which can be called down upon command, but, like other units, must load up first.

The player can control how many and which troops remain in the trenches, which house up to three troops at a time. From there, the next units that arrive will automatically advance on the battlefield. If the player locks the trench, no troops will enter there even if it is not full. If you click on the icons of the entrenched units, they will advance. Advancing units only stop when entering another trench, reach the end of the level or die.

Warfare 1917 features an upgrade system that allows the player to obtain enhancements to his/her forces. You can earn points to spend on upgrades when leveling up with the XP you get killing enemies in the battlefield.

The game also allows users to set up custom levels.


  • Use the mouse to play and control everything.
  • Arrow Keys: Scroll the screen left and right
  • There are further instructions in-game.


This game was converted it to .EXE so now it can be played on your Windows. Just download this file, unzip somewhere you want and double click on Warfare 1917.exe.

More strategy

Click here to download the game

The link will open in a new window. (Size: 19.5 MB)

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