Toad Strikes Back!

August 3rd, 2018

Toad Strikes Back! is a very cool and quite popular indie Super Mario clone where you will take control of everyone’s favorite mushroom and traverse over 50 unique levels of the colorful Mushroom Kingdom.

In Toad Strikes Back!, a delightful, nostalgic and full of life platform game that pays homage to each of Mario’s classic side-scrolling adventures, Mario became a legend in The Mushroom Kingdom for a while, but, when King Koopa returned for his final and total domination, only a brave mushroom stands in his way… Toad stands!

This fangame was created independently by Thunder Dragon and released in 2007, featuring retro graphics in a superb Super Nintendo-‘s style, also offering great gameplay, background music and fun. It also has some similarities to other platform classics such as Wonder Boy and keeps a familiar, yet fresh setting, meaning that will you have that nostalgic feeling of the old Super Mario Bros. games while experiencing something quite new.



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