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Street Fighter Mugen

May 15th, 2018

Street Fighter Mugen gathers and combines tons of characters and stages from the Street Fighter games into just one nice and free remake.

Street Fighter Mugen is a Street Fighter remake/fan game developed by Rurmel Miah that counts with some of the best fighters and scenarios of the franchise build over the popular M.U.G.E.N. engine.

This 2D fighting game features a very good playability and a nice retro feeling, even though it upgrades some elements of the original titles it uses characters and backgrounds from, like more game modes, specials etc.


The above video shows the Street Fighter Mugen playthrough where the human player used Ken in order to finish the game.


  • How to play windowmode: just press [ALT] + [ENTER]. If it doesn’t work, open the “Data” folder, edit the MUGEN.CFG file with the Note pad and look for the [Video Win] session. Then, edit the following line DXmode = fullscreen, replacing it to DXmode = Windowed. Save the .CFG file and load the game again.
  • Attention: The game works on Windows 7 and 10, but Douglaseagle noticed that its wise to avoid the ALT + TAB use or press many keys together in order to not crash the game.
  • Official developer’s site – With his other projects and more info about Street Fighter Mugen.

Click here to download the game

The link will open in a new window. (Size: 197.9 MB)

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