Post-apocalyptic Italian Delivery (P.A.I.D.)

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A nuclear war has decimated the human population, the world became a wasteland and food is scarce. You are the last of your kind, ensuring humanity’s continued survival, by… Delivering pizza!

As a Post Apocalyptic Italian Delivery volunteers in New York City, drive your car as fast as you can, and deliver some tasty Italian pizzas to survivors, but watch out for the mutant zombies and vicious gangs that roam the streets and plague the town!

This game has a nice retrô feeling, with cool 8-bit graphics (it uses the NES palette/resolution) and sounds.


  • Z: Accelerate
  • X: Brakes/drifts
  • ←/→: Steer
  • Spacebar: Nuke attack

Added In: November 16th, 2014

Categories: Action

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