Lab Of The Dead

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You are Allen C. Tyler, a scientist who is trying to discover how the undead work, in order to survive a zombie apocalypse!

You are stuck in this underground facility, while you gradually discover the truth behind the zombie outbreak and advances in your investigation. Discover new reactions, upgrade our research skills, find new itens to experiment and tapes and notes from the Alpha Team (the other science team that was working in this facility).

There are hundreds of captive zombies in the lab. Make experiments with them, brutalize’em, feed’em, give’em objects to play and discover more than 250 unique reactions, while you explore the complete spectre of the zombie brain.

You will have your hands full with:

  • 12 zombie types to make experiments
  • More than 60 weapons, food and objects to play…
  • More than 250 reactions…
  • More than 40 upgrades…
  • 1000pts in metals…
  • And more…

Added In: July 23rd, 2013

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Developer/Publisher: EvilDog

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