Fire Dragon Adventure

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Fire Dragon Adventure is a cool platform game developed to be played cooperatively by two friends in the same computer where one is a heroic knight and the is a cute dragon.

In this adventure, the Knight and his loyal Dragon are embarking on an quest where they’ll struggle against dangerous monsters and traps through several levels to collect gold coins, precious gems and other treasures.

Fire Dragon Adventure is played in a split screen mode and both characters have special skills that must be used in specific situations in order to collect the coins, solve puzzles or surpassing obstacles.


  • WASD: Move and jump (Player 1)
  • W (2x): Double jump (Player 1)
  • : Attacks (Player 1)
  • Arrow Keys: Move and jump (Player 2)
  • L: Breathes fire (Player 2)
  • The player 1 (Knight) can also make wall jumps if he press left or right when jumping onto a wall.
  • The player 2 (Dragon) can also fly and lift the Knight if he collects a special item.
  • You can play it alone if you are patient or skillful enough.
  • Read further instructions in-game.

Added In: February 20th, 2019

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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