Dynasty Wars

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Dynasty Wars, known as Tenchi wo Kurau (天地を喰らう) in Japan, is a Capcom beat ’em up released, originally, for the arcades in 1989. This fighting game is based on a Japanese manga Tenchi wo Kurau and on a reenactment of the battle between the Kingdom of Shu and the Yellow Turban rebels.

In Dynasty Wars, you act as the hero in three kingdoms of ancient China. It was one of the first games to let you choose a character.

This is a flash clone of the game that features limited options and stuff.


  • WASD: Move
  • J: Punches
  • K: Jumps
  • U: Selects weapon
  • I: Uses weapon
  • Space Bar: Pause

Added In: September 14th, 2016

Categories: Arcade, Classics, Fighting

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Developer/Publisher: Capcom

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