Dino Squad Adventure 2

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Dino Squad Adventure 2 is a cool platform game made to be played by two friends in the same computer where you’ll try to complete the levels fighting against bad dinosaurs, avoiding traps and collecting gold.

The game continues where the Dino Squad ended before. This time, new characters joins to the dinosaur team, each with their on special skills.


  • WASD: Move and jump (Player 1)
  • F: Shoots (Player 1)
  • G: Bomb (Player 1)
  • Q: Changes character (Player 1)
  • Arrow Keys: Move and jump (Player 2)
  • K: Punches (Player 2)
  • U: Changes character (Player 2)
  • L: Bomb (Player 2)
  • Check further instructions in-game.

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Added In: March 2nd, 2019

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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