Desert City Stunt

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Desert City Stunt is a cool and fast paced online 3D racing game for browsers that brings the opportunity to drive through the desert city as you try to complete 6 different levels and perform stunts before time runs out!

Each level unlocks a new car, which will make you more powerful for next ones! Use armored vehicles to cross obstacles. You can also just perform a few cool stunts without being pressed for time in the Free Driving mode.

Desert City Stunt features realistic driving physics, original armored cars, huge free driving map, local multiplayer support, dozens of stunt areas and ramps and a full screen mode.

I don’t know, but I’d say that this game is a bit inspired on the classic Distinctive Software’s Stunts.

Controls (Single Player)

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Steer
  • B: Flips camera view
  • R: Resets level
  • N: Nitro
  • Space Bar: Hand Brake

Controls (Player 1)

  • Arrow Keys: Steer
  • N: Nitro
  • B: Flips camera view

Controls (Player 2)

  • WASD: Steer
  • T: Nitro
  • C: Flips camera view

Added In: July 29th, 2020

Categories: Racing

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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