Beating Ryu With Ken On Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

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This video shows how you can beat Ryu, with Ken, on Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition.

Unlike common sense or some experts say, Ryu isn’t a really hard adversary on this game. The strategy consists on hit him with some air attack when he throws the Hadoken.

If you jump over him indiscriminately, you may really take a Shoryuken as counter. Then, get used with his Hadoken timing and apply him a flying kick and then a crouching kick (both strong), or any other move of your preference.

This principle also works playing with Ryu and Sagat.

If you jump too close to him, he may grab you. Just learn the good distance and timimg to jump over him. It’s not hard.

Usually, at the end of the match, he changes his behavior, stops throwing Hadokens and starts doing random Shoryukens. Then, keen a safe distance and counter him with either a Shoryuken or just grab and throw him, because he gets very vulnerable when he misses this move.

It is not as usual but, also on the end of the match, he sometimes attacks with Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyakus. If this is the case, just crouch and hit the strong punch when he passes over you.

It’s kinda tricky to compete with Hadokens with Ryu or win rounds with perfects, because he executes it very quickly. If you aren’t really used with him, just make the basic strategy we just taught you and you will do fine.

The video was recorded on the SF2CE arcade’s version, on the hardest difficulty and facing Ryu as the last opponent, before Balrog.

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