Beating M. Bison With Ken On Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

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On this video, you can see how you can defeat Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition‘s boss, M. Bison, using Ken and on the hardest difficulty setting.

The strategy is, basically, keep Bison away.

In the beginning of the round, he usually tries to jump on the opponent, trying to hit with an air kick or his stomp. This way, Ken must either jump and hit with a strong kick in air or ground, or use the Shoryuken, if Bison is in the air.

Then, more or less after he loses like half of his energy, he changes his behavior, trying to hit the player with Psycho Crushers or that other special kick of him. This way, you must still keep your distance, but with Shoryukens or Hadokens, because he stops trying to attack you via air. The weak Shoryukens are efficient, but, depending on the needed range, you must use the stronger ones.

If he hits you with the Psycho Crushers, block and try to counter with the throw, inverting it, to the side that have more space left.

He is kinda vulnerable to the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, taking several hits from this move if it hits him. However, it’s not wise to use it against Bison indiscriminatelly, because it’s probably you will take a energy draining counter from him. Better use it when he is dizzy and with little energy left.

You shoudn’t try to jump backwards to try to escape his moves. He can easily hit you when you do that.

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