Beating Chun Li With Ken On Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

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This video from our partners at Gaming Room teaches you how to beat a computer controlled Chun Li, on Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition and playing with Ken.

Beating Chun Li is a pretty relaxed thing to do, since she is a very aerial adversary and Ken’s Shoryuken is the best anti-air of the game. You just need, then, to stay sharp, waiting for her to jump on so you can counter-attack her with it. Then, she will get vulnerable to strong kicks when she gets up. Now you should get close to her and kick her, hitting twice.

The game was on its hardest difficulty and Chun Li as the last opponent before Balrog.

Keep in Mind

  • Ken’s or Ryu’s crouching strong punch and a standing strong kick also work as anti-air.
  • If she uses a Spinning Bird Kick, just crouch and, when she passes over you, press the strong punch, without getting up.
  • In this game, this strategy to beat Chun Li works perfectly when playing with Ryu, as well.

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