Balls vs Zombies

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Balls vs Zombies is an unique, addictive and pretty cool HTML5 retro puzzler where you will shoot bouncing balls at zombies in order to destroy them.

Instructions and tips

  • This board game combines some elements from classics like Arkanoid and others. You can’t let the zombies stack vertically on the screen or it’s game over.
  • The game is turn-based. In your turn, you’ll shoot the balls. In the zombies’, they will move downwards.
  • Use the mouse (or tap) to aim and shoot the balls where you want. Choose a spot where the balls will bounce more so the chance of hitting zombies more than once increases.
  • The balls bounce everywhere except in the bottom part of the board.
  • You can get extra or special balls if you hit them when they appear in game.
  • The number of times a zombie must be hit in order to be erased from the board is written bellow them.
  • You start with one chance to continue game if you lose.
  • Try to score as most as you can and challenge your friends to beat your records.
  • Don’t play it if you have to work or something, because it’s so addictive and cool!

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